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UE project

W ramach Działania 3.7 RPO WL na lata 2014 – 2020 Profit Network Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt pt:

„System samouczący się zachowań zakupowych indywidualnych klientów na podstawie danych sprzedażowych z systemów POS skorelowanych z danymi osobowymi, zainteresowaniami z mediów społecznościowych oraz danymi ze sklepów online, na podstawie których rekomenduje odpowiednie działania sprzedażowe i marketingowe dla przedsiębiorców.”

Project goal:

The aim of the project is to implement the results of R & D works that led to the development of new ones                     innovative products. As a result of the technology transfer, two new products / services will be created (product innovation):                     recommendation engine for goods and services for end customers, recommendation engine for sales activities                     and marketing for entrepreneurs.

Planned effects:

The result of the project will be the launch of a new product - a self-learning behavior system                     purchase of individual customers based on sales data from POS systems correlated with personal data,                     interests from social media and data from online stores, on the basis of which he recommends                     appropriate sales and marketing activities for entrepreneurs.

The implementation of the new product will be accompanied by the introduction of process innovation and                     increase in employment in the enterprise.

Project value:

1 845 000,00 PLN

Contribution of the European Regional Development Fund:

780 000,00 PLN

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